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    Helicopter flight

    Discover one of Vauban's fortifications by helicopter, what could be more magical !

    Neuf-Brisach, a UNESCO world Heritage Site

    Neuf-Brisach, Vauban's major achievement, a unique site in Europe, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

    A UNESCO world Heritage Site A UNESCO world Heritage Site A UNESCO world Heritage Site

    Neuf-Brisach, a strategic stopping-place close to the Rhine, was built in 1699 by Vauban on Louis XIV's orders to ensure the security of Alsace. The fortress is a unique site in Europe. It was Vauban's last fortified town, and it offers a remarkable view of the most accomplished defence system of the 17th century.

    If you really want to appreciate this architectural site, with its ramparts and its bastions still intact, take a walk around the fortifications.

    Neuf-Brisach gives the visitor the opportunity to imagine how a giant project arose on the backs of men and mules. As you walk between tenailles and counterguards, your attention will also turn towards the defensive and attack strategy of the place. In 2008, Vauban's universal and outstanding genius was recognized by the UNESCO. Neuf-Brisach is now one of the 12 sites inscribed on the World Heritage List.

    The site was chosen for its position in a plain, as well as for its accomplished defence system, a star-shaped construction shown in the photo above.

    To explore Neuf-Brisach, group guided tours are offered, but you could also go on your own, by following the panels displayed around the town and ramparts.



      The Pays Rhin-Brisach is in the Alsace plain, between the Vosges and the Rhine, on the Route Verte leading to the Black Forest, it forms a bridge between France and Germany and offers visitors a range of outings.

    Pays Rhin Brisach